The times of coordinating wood furniture sets are a relic of days gone by. Honestly, it was an embellishing rule that never actually existed. At the point when the greater part of the wood surfaces in a solitary space share a similar tone, nothing emerges and the room simply falls flat. Permitting different wood tones to exist together can bring about a more diverse, layered look that loans the perfect measure of depth and texture. The general feel is more natural, as though singular pieces have been gathered after some time. 
There is no enchantment equation with regards to blending wood furniture tones, however here are certain rules that may enable you to discover your balance. 

Contrast The Flooring & Furniture
Furniture can get lost against the setting of a comparatively conditioned wood floor. Separate the tedium by blending light furniture with ground surface that has a darker hue, or the other way around. 
Begin With One Anchor Piece
A simple method to make effect is by utilizing a bigger wooden furniture piece, for example, a buffet or coffee table, as the starting point & blending in a few differentiating wood tones around it. You can simply explore by changing out wood accessories for perceiving what aesthetically appeals with your existing decor. 
Make An Amicable Balance
To keep your room from looking disproportionate, adjust various wood finishes all through your space. For instance, dark hued furniture can ground a room, enabling whitewashed components to have a more prominent complexity for an airy impact. 
Pick A Prevailing Wood Tone 
Nothing says you need to go insane blending wood tones, particularly in case you're getting a handle on a touch of your component. For example, gray wash, neutral stain of a wall can impart simply enough difference while letting dark toned and dramatic wood pieces and embellishments in the room truly anchor the whole area. 
Make Coherence Using Accent Colour 
In case you're concerned your befuddled wood grains have become insane, tie the diverse styles and finishes together with a highlight shading. Utilise embellishments such as stools, lamp shade and throw pillows to make an agreeable flow via shading.
Mellow The Blend Using A Rug
When you have a considerable measure of legs in different wood tones, give them shared conviction with a region floor covering. A rug or carpet likewise makes a relieving change between the furniture and wood floor.
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