Furniture stores in NSW, especially the ones situated in Bondi Junction, deliver unique furniture pieces that suit all types of budget. A reputed furniture store must have pictures and catalouges, as all the items cannot be displayed. This does not mean that you have to buy only what they are displaying. You can also customise your furniture according to your room size, needs and budget.
Standing in the 21st century, saving the environment is a big issue. That is why, buying a crafty furniture makes you smart but buying one made of sustainable timber makes you the smartest. Pine, oak and melamine are common and simple examples of eco-friendly furnishing materials. All these can be easily found at the Good Wood Furniture Store in Bondi Junction
Our shop holds quite a reputation in the furnishing market and knows the value of beautification. we have been around for over 30 years and served the local communities with our best carved pieces. Our organisation solely depends on environment friendly products, which end up in beautiful furniture items like book cases, library units, drawers, hall tables, file cabinets, desks and the list goes on. 
Some of our creative furniture pieces are:-
BookcasesA wide range of bookcases are available like the colonial types, wall unit, abstract types, federation style, etc.
Armoires & buffets – Armoires and buffets play a big role in housing uniquely fashionable clothing. Some of them are country style armoire, retro style armoire, colonial buffet, shaker buffet, sliding door buffet and so on.
Drawers The need of drawers does not stop due to their utilitarian functions. Our drawer products include modern style, retro style, manilla flush style, byron style.
To check out the complete list of fine products that we have in our stock, check out the Products section.
Besides quality furniture piece, we also provide good top notch bedding and mattresses at incredibly competitive rates.
So what are you waiting for? For a quick enquiry, do not hesitate to call us so for enhancing your bedroom, living room, or dinning room with our lovely furniture items. For the best look, you can also customise the piece by taking expert recommendation from the store. You do not have to meander around and waste your time. All these can be effortlessly attained under a single roof at Bondi Junction.
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